We’re excited to introduce you to kin, a Canadian-based digital + pr agency for remarkable brands, delivering meaningful strategies with a people-first approach. 

kin believes relationships are more than data, connections are more than formulas and content is more than filler – it’s the meaning behind it that matters. kin’s unique, innovative process combines brand storytelling and real-world experiences that capture the attention of the media, influencers, and consumers. Leading with kin(d)ness, kin is here to help good people do good things for those whose values align. 

kin brings together Vancouver-based Reformation Public Relations Inc. and Toronto-headquartered Seaton Marketing Group Inc. (SMG).

Reformation, has crafted meaningful stories for lifestyle brands for over a decade, generating impactful results and invaluable earned exposure for countless nationally recognized brands and organizations. The digital + PR agency is known for fostering meaningful client relationships with companies like Andrew Peller Ltd., Marketplace Events and FDF Brandz and has earned international recognition for their work.

This new iteration of Reformation, now as kin, will continue to provide a strategy-forward, people-first approach for national and international brands led by Pam McMeekin, CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Pam has been a driving force at Reformation for over six years, taking the reins as president and owner in 2020. Pam has built a foundation of community and inclusion into the company culture, with a kindness-first mindset and a dedication to personal and professional team development. With a background in advertising and public relations and extensive experience in strategy and operations, Pam is the guiding force of the new agency, kin, in every area.

Seaton Marketing Group Inc. (SMG), is a strategic social media + digital agency based in Toronto led by founder Joshua Seaton. SMG has specialized in brand strategy, content creation, community management and social media advertising for over 4 years. The merger will bring SMG’s roster of consumer packaged goods (CPG), hospitality, tourism, and lifestyle clients under kin.

Joshua is a notable name in Toronto’s thriving food and beverage scene with over a decade of digital marketing experience in the local lifestyle, hospitality and tourism industries. He has owned and operated Toronto restaurants and venues which evolved into eventually executing strategy, content creation, and digital marketing for notable national companies such as Labatt, Hotel X Toronto, Red Bull Canada, and TREC Brands.

Together, with Pam McMeekin as CEO and managing partner, and Joshua Seaton as CSO and managing partner, the pair will lead the company into this next chapter, as kin. With Reformation’s strong foothold on the west coast in PR, strategy, social media, and influencer engagement, and SMG’s social media and digital presence in Ontario the new partnership will allow kin to have solid teams on the ground nationally. With the natural evolution of the digital ecosystem, these new service offerings will allow kin to lead the way in the ever-changing PR + digital landscape. 

We’re both incredibly grateful for our team that has worked so hard with us to bring the vision of kin to life. We truly could not have done it without them and look forward to embarking on this chapter together.

We’re excited to share what the future of kin holds. Thank you for being here.

Pam & Josh

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